Our Approach

The firm’s approach is to be actively engaged with the fund and its service providers to establish a governance framework appropriate for the fund and to independently monitor its effectiveness, applying its extensive global experience from the perspective of both an investor operational due diligence professional and an investment manager CFO/COO. We are committed to:

  • Independence and the avoidance of conflicts of interest;

  • Managing capacity to maintain a high standard of oversight and to ensure accessibility to investors, managers, and other stakeholders;

  • Conducting a thorough review of the fund ecosystem, including manager operational and control environment, service provider (especially auditor, administrator, and custodian) and counterparty (especially prime brokers/ ISDA) engagements;

  • Actively discussing strong industry practices and implementation options with managers and investors and to remain highly engaged with industry developments to retain our competitive edge;

  • Preparing for and actively participating in regular formal board meetings with comprehensive agendas and minutes. Additional meetings with managers and service providers will be conducted, as appropriate, throughout year.